I am Tegan Mierle (Meyer-Lee), a freelance Visual Designer hailing from the sparesly populated country of Canada, currently residing in San Francisco.

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My thoughtful, relevant, technically savvy, (and sometimes humorous) work has been featured in FastCompany, Complex Magazine, Huffington Post, Zurb, CSS Awards, Hypebeast and many other notable publications.

For the past six years I've lead the design team at Pilot Interactive, which I co-founded in 2008. We worked with various brands, start-ups and product compaines. I've worked with Nike Running, Samsung, Scotiabank, Roxy and many other progressive brands throughout my career.

I have a degree in Graphic Design from OCAD University. I also spent a year at York University studying web development. I am a designer first, developer second; I am experienced with CSS (SASS, Bourbon, Neat are my favorites), HTML and a bit of JS. I often code my own designs (and design in code). I am most comfortable working alongside a development team.

I now work full-time as a freelance designer in San Francisco, working with various product companies. I am currently available for hire; I work both remotely and in-house and typically requre a minimum of one week engagements. Get in touch if you're interested in working together!


Excuse me while I update my portfolio, but for now you can see my Dribbble and previous work with Pilot Interactive.


Check out my photography and follow me on Instagram. Follow me on Twitter or email me at teganmierle@gmail.com.